Winterizing your home!

Monday Nov 04th, 2019


‘Tis the seasons to start seeing those little white flakes in the weather forecast. While you may want to play oblivious until the snow starts falling from the sky, it may be smart to start taking the proper steps to make sure your home is ready for the upcoming winter. Keep reading for The 905 Sold Team’s top five tips for making sure you stay warm and your wallet stays full in the cold;

1.  Lower your thermostat-
This might just be the easiest way to save on your energy bill this winter. Many people don’t know that the recommended temperature in the winter is 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) to achieve the optimum energy efficient settings. If this sounds a little chilly to other family members, encourage them to try wearing extra layers, slippers or using blankets to stay cozy before turning the thermostat up.


2. Check your furnace air filters-   

Winter is a great time to remember to check on your furnaces air filter. A dirty filter makes the unit work harder and draw more energy.  When you change your air filter consistently you can find yourself saving 5 to 15 percent on your utility costs. The other perks to changing your filters more consistently is better air quality, and extending your life of your HVAC unit.


3. Reverse your ceiling fans-

Ceiling fans are great in the winter time to help the warm air circulate.  Reverse the fan so it is spinning in a clockwise motion at a low speed, this will gently draw the air in the room up towards the ceiling and force the warm air down and out towards the walls.


4. Check windows & doors for drafts-
Spaces in between walls and windows and doors can let out the warm air in your house making your furnace have to work over time to keep your space warm. For an easy way to test for draft and air leaks, hold a lit candle to your doors and windows and if the smoke from the candle swirls, it means you have an air leak.  If you’re finding the leak in your door way you can install weather stripping inside the door, and if it’s coming from your interior walls remove your baseboards and grab a can of good ol’ fashion spray foam.


5. Protect your air conditioning unit-
While this may not keep your house warmer this winter it will definitely help the wallet when it comes to next summer. There is nothing worse than on the first HOT day of the summer you find out that you had water freeze in the unit causing damage. A few simple precautions will keep this from happening, start by removing all leaves, twigs and any other debris from the unit. Locate the electrical circuit, it’s usually hiding behind a plastic or metal lid. Remove the lid and flip the switch to prevent the unit from turning on during those freak warm days we have every winter and holding water that could freeze. Cover your unit with a tarp and bungee cord to keep it protected from the ice and snow.  

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