Super Bowl 2020 Hosting Tips

Friday Jan 31st, 2020


Is  your house the place to be this Sunday for Super Bowl 54? The big game always brings out huge crowds of people, whether they are football fans, Jlo and Shakira fans or fans of food, you can almost guarantee that with these tips you will be sure to leave a lasting impression.

1) Make Sure to Stagger The Food:  

Depending on what time your guests are set to arrive you could have a long day/night of hosting a head of you. Don't put out all the food at once, slowly spread out the appetizers so people can munch away all night. This way you can avoid hungry guests at the end of the half time show. A bonus tip for the food is make sure it is all pre-prepared. Think crock pots, pre-made dips or easy finger foods. You don't want to miss a field goal hanging out in the kitchen getting the food ready. 

2) Prep Your Living Room:  

If you can't sit on it, watch it, or eat it, consider removing it. You want to make sure that everyone can get a great view of the TV, you may also want to consider removing any light coloured carpets or breakables that are in your Living Room. This will avoid any damage to things in your house, especially if you have 49er fans or  KC fans in attendance. This is the one day of the year fans can get a little carried away. 

3) Hold Your Own Friendly Bets: 

One of the best things about The Super Bowl is seeing the obscure bets that people place. Why not  give your  guest the option to participate in the crazy ness as well.  Some of the top ones circulating on the internet are, How Many Wardrobe Changes Will Jennifer Lopez Have, Who Will The Super Bowl MVP Mention First In His Speech and How Many Tweets Will Donald Trump Send Out? Surf the internet before the party and pick out your favourites!

4) Clean Your TV and Speakers: 

This is going to be the main focal point of the party, you don't want anyone staring at annoying dust the whole game. Take microfiber cloth to you TV , or if you have a glass screen lightly mist it with some Windex to avoid any disruption for your guests. 

5) Think Easy Clean Up: 

The worst part about being host is all the cleaning prep, just to have to do it all over again after everyone leaves. Have dish bins ready for people to put their dirty glasses in so you are not loosing precious sink space, also consider having mostly disposable things. Paper plates and plastic table cloths will save you time in the long run!

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