Thinking Of Selling?

In today's complex market, selling Residential Real Estate requires knowledge, creativity, experience, enthusiasm and the financial ability to advertise and promote your property throughout the marketing process. Let us walk you through our vigorous step by step process


Pre Listing Preparation

We sit down with you to discuss the objectives,  and to ensure all parties have a clear and accurate understanding of them (i.e.: Motivation and Timing)

We do a walk-thru of both the Interior and Exterior of your home and provide FREE Staging Consultation help you maximize your homes salability and to ensure it appeals to the most number of buyers.  Research shows that Staged homes sell in less time and for more money than those that aren’t.

We Research

o Property ownership and deed type
o Property Tax Records to verify full and complete legal information is available
o Property’s current use and zoning
o Land use coding and Deed Restrictions
o Properties Municipal Property Assessment public record information for lot size and dimensions
o Legal Names of the Property Owner(s)


Our Team

consists of 4 Fully licensed Real Estate Sales Representatives and our Office Manager all accessible via (E-mail, Text or Phone) 24hrs a Day, 7 Days a Week!



Non-Traditional Sales and Marketing Techniques. We handle ALL Emails, Calls and Inquires in a VERY timely manor


We carefully examine

MLS listings that are comparable to yours on a regular basis to ensure your property remains competitive in price, terms, conditions and availability


Your home

Your home will be advertised 24 hours a Day until it is SOLD!


We Verify

all of your contact information so we can reach you quickly for booking appointments and presenting offers (i.e.: Phone #’s, E-mail address’s etc.)

We Obtain

all information pertaining to improvements and upgrades on your property

We Gather

all pertinent home information from you (i.e.: Survey, Recent Tax Bill and recent copies of utility bills and rental items…hot water tank, alarm etc.) so that we are fully prepared to promptly answer questions from potential Buyers and their Agents.

We Prepare

a detailed list of what fixtures and appliances you would like included and excluded from your Sale.

We Measure

all Living Area rooms and record the information to post onto MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and Feature sheets

We Complete

all the paperwork necessary to list your home on the MLS, and sit down with you to review everything.

We Install

a lockbox with your house key in it so agents are able to show your home.

We Take

1 or more photos of every room of your home plus outside photos of the front and backyards. 25 Photos are submitted to MLS and Coldwell Banker, 20+ can be submitted to the Virtual Tour. Photos and the Virtual Tour are also posted on YouTube, Kijiji, Facebook, Twitter.

Day One of Listing

  • Your Listing is Posted onto the Real Estate Board with Photos Attached (Our Mandatory Policy!!!)  Too many buyers are lost if the photo’s are missing when it appears on MLS!
  • Your Listing will be available to approx. 130,000 Coldwell Banker Real Estate agents in 36 Countries, 6 Continents in 38,000 locations!... Worldwide.  Coldwell Banker is the largest Real Estate Company in the world, and has been in the Real Estate business for over 100 Years!
  • Your Listing is Posted on the Hamilton/Burlington, Oakville/Milton, Toronto/Mississauga/Brampton and instantly appears on the daily “Hot Sheet" of over 40,000 Real Estate Agents.  Each of these Agents estimates carrying approximately 4 to 6 qualified buyers at one time!
  • Your Listing is emailed to over 500 of the other top real estate agents across Ontario
  • Your Listing is paged to ALL Coldwell Banker Burnhill Realty Real Estate Agents
  • We maximize the showing potential of your home 24/7 through our professional signage.  Coldwell Banker has the most recognizable logo and Trademarks in Real Estate world wide.


  • We prepare a Full Color detailed Feature Booklet listing the unique features of your home along with a satellite photo of the location of your home.  You will have the opportunity to review and sign off on the feature sheets and MLS listing to ensure quality and accuracy!
  • We install a “Take One Box" on the sign post with condensed feature sheets for your passers by to access.  Your neighbour’s are a powerful tool in helping market your home!
  • When permitted, we prepare a Website for your home and hang an address banner under you For Sale sign that is up 24/7 while your home is listed
  • Showings Start!
  • All Real Estate Sales Representative appointments are booked and scheduled through our office staff on a computerized system as per your instructions

Your Listing is featured on ALL of these websites worldwide

We use the latest available technology to market your home.  The Internet provides 24/7 high impact marketing exposure and homes are amongst the most highly browsed categories of online shopping. 


  • We advertise your home on leading INTERNET NEWSPAPERS.  Our Office Manager enters your listing into our software system to track all showings, feedback from showings, open houses and advertising.
  • We generate an ad in the local weekly publication for your specific area with a “New Listing" Banner in the corner, in bright red to maximize visibility (i.e.: The Burlington Post, The Hamilton Spectator) and any other publications as mutually agreed upon (The Oakville Beaver, The Mississauga News, The Toronto Star, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, Homes & Land Magazine)


  • We prepare a Virtual Tour on and link to the MLS listing, Coldwell Banker website, The Michael Griffith Team website, Facebook and we post it on dozens of other Real Estate sites including Google Base, and more.
  • We schedule an MLS wide Agents Open House which  allows All agents in our market area to preview your home
  • We set a date, approximately 2 weeks from the commencement date to reconvene and evaluate the results of our marketing plan, evaluate what further steps are needed to make your home more marketable and implement changes required.

Day TWO of Listing


  • We Reverse Prospect approx 25,000 agents whom may have clients with matching searches for your property
  • We contact every Real Estate Sales Representative that has showed your home by phone and/or email to ask them for feedback from both themselves and their clients




  • We distribute “Just Listed" flyers to your neighbors
  • We schedule an MLS wide Agents Open House which  allows All agents in our market area to preview your home


  • We schedule Public Open Houses at your convenience and send out invitations to your surrounding neighbors
  • We provide details of internet hits breakdown from websites both searched and viewed
  • We communicate Feedback from your showings to you and advise of any changes in the market as well as updates on what’s happening with your “competition"

The Offer Process

  • We promptly Notify you when offer is registered on your property
  • We receive the offer, and set up a time to carefully review every detail of the offer to ensure you are comfortable with the contract.  We explain the strengths and weaknesses of the offer and determine the best negotiating position.



  • We contact Buyers agent to review buyer’s qualifications and discuss the offer
  • We negotiate the highest price and best terms for you and your situation

Post Offer

  • We promptly deposit the Buyers deposit money into the Coldwell Banker Burnhill non-interest bearing trust account
  • We contact the property management company and order a status certificate (if your property is a condominium)
  • We report the property as Conditionally Sold on the appropriate Real Estate Boards
  • We forward a copy of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and all addendums to your financial people




  • We provide a copy of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and all addendums to you to add to your portfolio for future reference
  • We forward a copy of the  Agreement of Purchase and Sale and all addendums to your lawyer
  • We monitor all Offer condition timelines and ensure that we receive waivers within the allotted timeframe. 
  • Once all conditions are met, and all waivers are received, and then report the property as Sold to MLS and Real Estate Board.  

      We personally put up the SOLD sign on your front lawn! 


After Sales Service

  • We ensure that all paperwork is processed and all parties receive Agreements, Amendments and Waivers along with any other information they may need to close the sale
  • We confirm that the Buyer and Buyers agent have received confirmation of home insurance
  • We provide any pertinent warranty information to Buyer or Buyers agent
  • We work closely with the Buyers agent to ensure any challenges that may arise relative to closing the sale of your home are handled quickly and with as little stress to you as possible
  • We arrange with you for the Buyer to have a final walk through of your home (if this was stipulated in the Agreement)
  • We send out a package to you within a week after you sale is firm that includes useful numbers and information to help you with your move, a client survey, and a Brick Coupon that you can use to purchase furniture or appliances at commercial instead of retail prices.
  • We provide FULL after sale service!  Any questions you have, don’t hesitate to call, we find the answer for you as quickly as we can.  We have an extensive list of contacts from movers to carpet cleaners to plumbers that are at your disposal.  It’s our mission to have your transition out of this home and into your next go as smoothly as possible!

Tips For Staging Your House Inside

  • Clear all unnecessary objects from furniture throughout the house.  Keep decorative objects on the furniture restricted to groups of 1, 3, or 5 items.  In general, a sparsely decorated home helps the buyer mentally ‘move in’ with their own things.
  • Rearrange or remove some of the furniture in your home, if necessary.  Many times home owners have too much furniture in a room.  When it comes to selling your home, thin out overcrowded rooms to make the rooms appear larger.
  • Clear all unnecessary objects from the kitchen countertops.  If it hasn’t been used for three months...put it away!  Clear refrigerator fronts of messages, magnets, pictures etc.
  • In the bathroom, remove any unnecessary items from the countertops, tub, shower stall and commode top.  Keep only he most necessary cosmetics, brushes, perfumes etc., in one small group on the counter.  Coordinate towels in one or two colours only.
  • Take down, reduce, or rearrange pictures and objects on the walls.  Patch and paint all walls, if necessary.
  • Review the house interior, room by room, and:
  • Paint any room needing paint
  • Clean carpet and drapes that need it
  • Clean Windows
  • If you need room to store extra possessions, use the garage or rent a storage unit.


  • Go around the perimeter of the house and move all garbage cans, discarded wood scraps, extra building materials etc to the garage, or if applicable, take them to the dump
  • Check gutters and roof for dry rot and moss, make sure they are cleaned.
  • Look at all plants.  Plants are like children...they grow so fast.  Prune bushes and trees.  Keep plants from blocking windows:  “You can’t sell a house if you can’t see it!"
  • Remove any dead plants, weed all planting areas and put down fresh mulching material.
  • Keep your lawn freshly cut, edged and fertilized during the growing season.
  • Clear patios or decks of all small items, such as little planters, flower pots, charcoal, barbeques, toys, etc.
  • Check the condition of the paint on your home, especially the trim and the front door.  The first impression, or “curb appeal" is very important


Try to look at your house “through a buyer’s eyes"  as though you’ve never seen it before, this will help you see what needs to be done.  Any time and money invested on these items will usually bring you the return of more money and a quicker sale.